At Pench Tree Lodge, we offer a host of interesting activities which you may choose as per your interest:

Nature Trails & Cycling

As an avid birder or even a beginner, you will be delighted by the wide array of bird species found at the lodge and the surrounding fields and water holes. The lodge has successfully managed to retain the existing forest and supplement it with protecting root stock which has helped us record over 100 bird species in the lodge itself.
You can join the resident naturalists for interesting Nature trails, on foot or on bicycle in and around the lodge.

Jeep Safaris

Jeep safari is an amazing way to experience nature and wildlife. Jeep safari can either be done from sunrise till 11 in the morning or in the afternoon till sunset. The timings tend to vary in winters. The guests are provided with aexperienced naturalist and a driver to accompany and enhance their safari experience. Jeep safari booking has to be done in advance.

Night Trail

Armed with torches, you may choose to do the in house nature trail through thickets, old forest and grasslands. Night trail is a unique experience in its own where you can spot the nocturnal wildlife such as Civets, Owls and more.

Organic Garden

Pugdundee Safaris firmly believes in sustainable eco-tourism and one of the initiatives as part of the mission is maintaining an organic garden to encourage local, healthy produce. We will be happy to have you participate in the daily farming and gardening activities that happen in our small farm. Especially recommended for out young guests.

Village Walks & Bazaars

Enjoy a guided tour or a leisurely walk/bicycle ride by yourself to the local villages and weekly haats (bazaars). You can have your fill of indigenous crafts and products of the area and more likely than not, get invited to visit a villager's home to share a cup of tea. Pugdundee Safaris supports local schools and education initiatives as well as provides employment to local youth. We encourage giving back to the community we operate in and these walks are an excellent way for our guests to immerse in the local culture and experience rural India.

Village Haat days
Vijaypani - Tuesday - 3 kms
Belpath - Sunday - 6 kms
Badalpar - Thursday - 10 kms
ChakkiKhamari - Monday - 12 kms

Breakfast by the Dam
If you prefer to relax and miss the jeep safari, we can set up your breakfast overlooking the dam (when weather permits) and you can join the birds and animals at the watering hole for the first meal of the day.


Jeep Safaris

Natures Walks

Organic Garden

Village Walks & Bazaar

Bush Dinner